Win! Win! Win! #UFitPower


Happy Friday y’all! Hope you’ve had an excellent week in sweat.

You work hard, sweat hard and play hard, right? Of course you do and you deserve a treat for that. So, when UFit approached me and asked if I’d like to do a lil giveaway, I figured, I have a bunch of badass readers who deserve treats.

Up for grabs is a #UFitPower package, to give you that little extra oomph. It includes:

– Dr Zack’s High Protein Bagels

– Happy Egg Co. Eggs

– Bounce Balls

– Nike Wrist Bands

– Karrimor Running Bottle

– Lonsdale Leather Skipping Rope

– UFit shakes

In the spirit of paying things forward, I figured it’d be nice if you guys nominated a friend/someone who you think deserves a boost or reward. Maybe they’ve been working super hard at the gym, maybe they need to get their mojo back. Either way, nominate them by leaving their Twitter or Instagram (please specify which it is) handle in the comments and say why you think they should win.

You have til Weds July 29th to nominate and I’ll announce the winner on Friday July 31st.

Pay it forward and get nominating!

Win! Win! Win!

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5 Responses to “Win! Win! Win! #UFitPower”
  1. Erin says:

    I think my friend Rhona – her Twitter is @rhinomittens – deserves to win this. She’s just coming off the back of competing in a 95 mile ultramarathon ( ) and is currently in the middle of writing the dissertation for her Masters degree. She is a total badass in all areas of her life. I’d love her to win so she can feel special and appreciated for all her hard work, and also so she can enjoy some tasty scrambled egg bagels. 😀

  2. Sabrina says:

    HI Bangs, I think my friend Kristiane (KristianeSherry) desrves to win. She is in the middle of training for her first marathon and recently was taken ill with stress induced shingles caused by some serious bullying at work. Despite this she held her ground and head high and refused to be ignored or quietened when she was told repetitively she was ‘too sensitive’. Whilst she is recovering and starts her training again I would love her to know that I am so proud of her tenacity and success in the face of some big obstacles. No better way to do that than with some UFit goodies!

  3. Arnhild says:

    Hello Bangs, my sister Berlinde really deserves the win, in my opinion: Instead taking part in the Rapha Womens’ 100 ride she herself organised for her hometown Karlsruhe (Germany), she has to stay in hospital for another few days after a heavy crash with her bike last week resulting in a ruptured spleen. She’s been lucky they didn’t have to take it out. Nevertheless, she’s been hurting a lot. And she’s bored, too, of course: She misses her friends, cycling, going to the gym, even going to work.

    As she hasn’t got a Twitter account of her own, I’ll give you our team’s instead: @TeamLeReve

  4. @KeyserSuze says:

    my husband @thesharkknight (on Twitter) celebrates his birthday next week and starts training for his second half marathon too. I’m so proud of him, he’s aiming for a sub 50 10k at the end of August and is so dedicated as well as supporting me in my training too. He’d love some motivation in food form! Thanks Bangs X

  5. Ciara O'Neill says:

    Hey Bangs,
    hope I’m not too late – I want to nominate my mate Mel for the UFit goodies. Mel’s awesome – when I was going through a rough time last year she would rock up to my house 2 or 3 times a week, make me put my trainers on, and get me out running. It made all the difference. This year she had a rough time of it too with all that life can throw at someone, and she’s faced it all with proper strength and determination. She’s currently training to row and cycle from London to Rio de Janeiro…and is aiming to cross the Atlantic using human power alone! Some unexpected goodies would provide a bit of a boost!!
    Her instagram is @row2rio or you’ll find the team on twitter @ROW2RIO
    Thanks Bangs!!