Top 5: Things I Wish I’d Known About Fitness

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I’m not a naturally sporty person. No siree. I got into this here fitness life about three years ago and needless to say, it’s the best decision I ever made for myself. Life has changed in weird, wonderful and unbelievable ways since I put the wraps on, donned some gloves and timidly went to my first boxing session. Since then, I’ve tried just about any activity that comes my way and it’s a whole lot of awesome. I wish there were some things people had told me about this fitness malarkey before I got going though. A little heads up would’ve been nice.

You will think of yourself as Superwoman

You’ll spend a large amount of time in the mirror, marveling at your muscles. You have a new found respect for all that they do. You talk to them during hard workouts ‘come on guys, you’ve got this!’ You wonder what you would look like donning a cape. Often, you imagine you are wearing one under your business attire. If only your work colleagues knew what an utter badass you are in the gym.

You reach new levels of mental clarity

Man, how I wish someone had sold me this is a benefit of working out rather than constantly going on about how you’ll lose weight (*yawn*). Seriously, on my second ever run, I was having life changing epiphanies. By the end of a good workout, you feel as though you could just sit down at a United Nations meeting and solve all their problems. You’re focused, dedicated, driven – why would you not want more of this feeling?!

Your dreams of being a foot model will be killed

Seriously. If you run, don’t expect the foot modeling contract to be coming your way. Do however, expect pedicurists to be regularly revolted by whatever the hell it is you’ve got going on south of the ankle. Blisters everywhere, toenails popping off – it ain’t pretty down there. But that’s the price you pay for being supremely awesome.

If I was single…

If only I’d known that apparently being red faced and sweaty is the biggest turn on ever to the menz, my single life could’ve gone way better. I never seem to be hit on more than when I’m out on a run or just finished a tough workout. I don’t know what it is, but I guess we’re just giving off crazy awesome vibes when we’re in that state.

You’ll make awesome friends

Once you’re out of the college/university safety net, it can be hard to make friends as an adult. Like, outside of work situations, real, organic friendships don’t tend to blossom quite as frequently…unless you workout! I have met so many badass chicas since I got into fitness, it kind’ve blows my mind. I wonder how the hell I was doing life before these awesome women came into it. Fitness doesn’t have to be this solitary thing that you suffer through – it can be social and fun and friendly and you can enjoy it!

What are some of the biggest surprises you’ve had about how fitness has changed your life?

5 Responses to “Top 5: Things I Wish I’d Known About Fitness”
  1. WhoopAss says:

    Confidence! Learning a new technique or lifting weights heavier than I thought possible is a massive boost to my confidence. If I can co that, what else can I do? There’s a great sense of satisfaction to be gained from beating a previous personal bestand, when it comes to running, nothing makes me feel more like SuperWoman than running in the rain and getting muddy. Even if it’s a cruisy 5km I feel majorly Hard Core!

  2. Claire Nelson says:

    I love this, it’s all so true. I find the fitter you are, the better you want to treat your body. You suddenly get the urge to really look after it, fuel it better, and even put more care into grooming. It’s like, I am ALIVE, I am a HUMAN BLOODY BEING and I can TAKE ON THE WORLD WITH THIS THING.

  3. Kat says:

    It’s the only way to appreciate the human body. It’s just astonishing. The way it grows, changes, transforms, repairs itself etc. You can imagine your lungs and heart growing all huge and strong and happy with every step you take. I’ve been playing team sports since I was really young but since I started running, there’s goals that you think could never ever be possible, and then you find yourself running more and more miles and you’re like DAMN, BODY YOU’RE GOOD!!!!!!!

  4. FitBits Tess says:

    ENDORPHINS. I love the endorphins. I love the great feeling I get during and after a hardcore workout, making me feel epic and awake and alive. I love seeing myself get stronger and fitter, and although it’s hard bloody work and doesn’t always go to plan (sooo many bad runs/exhausting bootcamp sessions), it’s all worth it as I’m so much happier, confident and more productive these days. Rewind 2.5 years ago and I was a binge-eating, 20-fags-a-day layabout who was happy with life in general but consumed with a deep loathing for myself. Now I love me and try every day to look after myself.

    Being fit is good for the soul!

  5. Jane says:

    After more than a decade of hard London-media living the big change is finally learning to love my body for what it can do, and not what it looks like.

    3 year’s ago I drank, smoked, comfort ate and hated my job. Today I have a completely new career (paying a fraction of my previous salary), I’m 3 stones lighter (but stronger in body and soul), teetotal, non-smoking and 2 weeks from running my first marathon in (hopefully) 4 hours.

    Nothing in the world could compel me to go back in time. Nothing.