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Fitness Survey

That’s my puppy there, Stringer Bell, pretty much just because I wanted to post a picture of him, ’cause he’s adorable, I won’t lie to you friends. But also, because he’s really curious to know more about you guys. I yack on about myself a lot on here and I figured it was about time I heard a little from you. In order for me to keep on giving you kick ass content, I wanna know how you operate and what’s important to you – that way, I can hopefully deliver stuff that’s a bit more relevant.

If you wouldn’t mind taking a couple of minutes to complete the survey below, myself and Stringer Bell will be eternally grateful.

Thanks as always for your feedback and awesomery.

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3 Responses to “Tell Me About You!”
  1. Foxy says:

    Always been interested in fitness. Life and events plus general ambivalence have got in the way hence my on/off relationship with staying fit. Now approaching 44, and having lost girl friends recently, I’ve re-engaged my interest. I wish I’d never lost it. My mind and body feel strong and healthy. I haven’t lost weight but it will happen. I’m an hourglass and my curves are much more defined after only a short time. I want a strong healthy body that will do what I need it to do for as long as it can. I workout alone until I feel improved enough to join a running club. I have a strategy and goals which are helping my focus. I also have a mentor to keep me going when I feel frustrated with my progress. I’ve also found the image of exercise and fitness alongside social media is motivating me no end! All told, I’m loving it. Thanks Spikes and Heels, I love your blogs and your posts. Inspirational.

  2. Ballademagere says:

    Always had to exercise b/c I have a bad temper, which I have to work much harder to keep now I have two small children. Never much of a runner until I became a mother but it’s the best thing to juggle with the children & work. I like running on my own, am pretty slow and focus a lot on running at a pace I enjoy.. Heavily biased towards running in green/scenic places but I dont do much in cities if I can help it. Love the blog