Style: Lexie Sport


Well, GLORY! Women’s sportswear doesn’t have to be all pink and lilac. Finally, some brands are getting it. There are some new kids on the block with their ear to the street of what women really want from their active wear and Lexie Sport is definitely one of them.

Launched in 2012, they’ve already caught the eye of the likes of Drapers and Vogue. I’m diggin’ their use of graphics and angular design. I also like the way they shoot their product – it’s gritty and real and has women running in urban environments at night or boxing. To me, that just resonates more than some more traditional sportswear shoots.


I quite like their grey and black colour palettes but it’ll be interesting to see how they work more vibrant colour into their design.

Lexie 3

Definitely a brand to watch.

What do you think of the Lexie Sport look?

One Response to “Style: Lexie Sport”
  1. Mirka says:

    I love the dark style of the clothes in those photos! Patterns looked really nice. One question: are the tights thin or thick material? Sometimes tights are so thin that you can see through even when not wanted.
    See through is nice, makes the clothes easy to use part of everyday style. Thumbs up!