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If you don’t know about Food & Lycra, where have you been? I’ve been lucky enough to both run and eat with these girls (and lemme tell ya, if there’s one thing these chicks know, it’s food) and to count them as friends. They’re down to earth chicks who work their training into their lives while holding down badass careers and inspiring tons of others with every footstep. So I thought it was about time I caught up with them to get their training secrets. Behold the Food & Lycra awesomeness!

– Name

Kim, Laura and Rachel

– Age

25 – 30

– Occupation

Kim: Risk Senior Associate

Laura: Pastry Chef

Rachel: Social Media Manager

– What’s your sport?

Running, Yoga, HIIT anything that gets us sweating really!

– How did you get into it?

Kim: I used to go to the gym but that never lasted. Then I started doing P90X at home, but again, that never lasted. Then Laura showed me the light of Run Dem Crew and Spartanfam… Exercise started becoming a social thing and then Food & Lycra happened!

Rach – Laura somehow managing to convince me that I could train like a spartan and run like the wind.

Laura – I’ve been going to the gym since I’m 19, I used to work in one and wanted to become a personal trainer at some point. I actually started running after a painful beak up, it helped me ease the pain and slowed down my weight gain…yes eating is very comforting!

– What’s been your best moment in your sport so far?

Kim: The epicness of London Marathon. Seriously the best thing I’ve ever done and the most I’ve ever pushed myself. So emotional as well, we might have let loose a thug tear or two.

Rach : London Marathon for the sheer epicness of the whole journey from training to the finish line and EVERYTHING in between and also Tough Mudder, to be able to say I actually did it!

Laura – London Marathon because it’s 42 damn kilometres! 2 years ago when I started running like a turtle I would have never though that my legs could run such distance. It was the most beautiful moment ever. I felt like I won the World Cup all along. The cheers made me feel like a champions even so I was slow. I enjoyed every single minutes of it.

– What motivates you?

Kim: That endorphin kick after a work out, I love it! It keeps me sane in my busy life! Also we really like eating man. We have to stay active with the kind of amounts we eat lol.

Rach: Seeing others get motivated by the efforts of F&L

Laura – Life! We are lucky to be healthy and be able to move.

– How do you push yourself when you don’t want to train?

Kim: I try and focus on how good I’ll feel after the workout, how good I’ll feel the next day and how much better food tastes after the workout. That normally gets me up and moving!

Rach: The food! and also the fact that if I don’t do it now, I’m going to have to do it sometime soon anyway.

Laura: The only way for me to push myself is to stop questioning myself whether I should or should no go. I think in time “It’s only 30min of my day” that’s nothing. Plus with the work I do I might end up 10 sizes bigger within months.

– What’s your favourite motivational quote?

Your legs will take you far but your mind will take you further.

– What events do you have lined up for this year?

Kim: We Own The Night and Hackney Half Marathon- which I’m mega excited about! I’m Hackney born and raised so this one is gonna be a special one!

Rach: Currently free as a bird with a little 5k Run Hackney race in July!

Laura : Just did We Own the night, The Bupa mile is my next one. I was planning to sign up for Bali half marathon which should have been while I was there but they changed it to September!

– What role does fitness play in your life?

Kim: Fitness keeps me sane! My work life is pretty hectic so I use fitness as a way to get away from the commotion at work. What’s even better is that I can do it with my friends. We meet up, get our sweat on and then eat after. I might be getting old but that is the makings of a perfect night out for me!

Rach: I agree, it keeps me sane too. It takes my mind off work and it’s a perfect excuse for me to see my friends.

Laura: I would have said it keeps me sane a few months ago because my work life as a chef was very stressful and made me quite negative. Now that I am a pastry chef (I’m tired but I’m so happy)  fitness will save me from putting on excessive weight. I’m surrounded by sweet things and It’s is hard to resist sometimes. My colleague keeps going on about the fact that I a few months time I will be 2 sizes bigger lol. Not having it mate!

– Do you draw inspiration from any other types of sport?

Since we’ve started getting more into fitness I feel like we can appreciate all Olympic athletes much more. From track athletes to table tennis players, we’re inspired by all of them, their dedication and their skill. We’re always bamboozled when we watch them and am inspired by what humans are actually capable of.

– What’s your top training tip?

Have fun and get your friends involved. Ever since we’ve started making training more social we find there’s not one week where we haven’t done at least two workouts.

– What do you do in your down time?

Kim: When I have time I like to experiment with healthy recipes at home, I like to try and make them as tasty as possible! I also do a lot of eating in my spare time (lolz) if you have checked out our instagrams recently you will know we all have this in common!

Rach: Run F&L! and eat some more LOLZ.

Laura: In my own time I workout, I eat and I bake and I look for cooking project I could get involved in.

Check out more of Food & Lycra over on their blog.

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