Street Athlete: Elelta Demissie Tafesse


Elelta is a friend of mine whose vibe and approach to life I just really admire. She’s always super chill, funny, with a wise word at hand. She has a cool way of tackling her fitness life and she makes a great Street Athlete. Check her out.
– Name

Elelta Demissie Tafesse

– Age


– Occupation

TechWench, no really. I work in technology and do a bunch of other stuff like radio and events

– What’s your sport?


– How did you get into it?

I was born in Ethiopia, you are born running! This is true to a great extent, I ran pretty much every week – cross country, 100m, 110 hurdles etc etc – till I move to the UK. My school here was not big on athletics so I stopped. I started again via the 5k charity runs but I only started running consistently when in 2011 when I had a bit of a tough time in my life. I started running, joined RDC and I kept on going.

– What’s been your best moment in your sport so far?

Two things, first was running 1.2 miles in -50 degrees in Yellowknife, Canada:


The other one was getting my very old school friend who hates running to do a 5k with me non-stop and enjoy it.

– What motivates you?

The desire to feel well, for me running and most exercise is a way to help my mood and general mental health. The physical health is an add bonus.

– How do you push yourself when you don’t want to train?

I help someone else. In encouraging someone else I get that spur to do my workout.

– What’s your favourite motivational quote?

Just Do It, ha not really though it is a good one. I don’t have one really, actions motivate me more and my friends.

– What events do you have lined up for this year?

I have been having trouble with running of late, fallen out of love with it but  I have been trying to combat it by organising 5k Joy Runs for my friends in west London. Musical themed runs with a bluetooth speaker blasting out music. I Do have a 10K on NYE in CPH though, which I am looking forward to.


– What role does fitness play in your life?

It keeps me sane, or rather feeling OK and on an even keel.

– Do you draw inspiration from any other types of sport?

I play basketball with my other half sometimes, in Ethiopia playing ball was another of my sports. I like the speed and agility of it.  I also used to box a lot, I have not in a while but I am starting again with my old trainer. Again, as with basketball, I like the agility your learn from boxing.

– What’s your top training tip?

Exercise CAN(is) dull but remember it’s about forming a habit. Once it is part of your life routine it becomes easy to do it and to enjoy it.

– What do you do in your down time?

I don’t know cos I don’t think I have that much down time. I suppose I love to be in bed with a book or a good boxset and some cheese. That is my Lush.

Check out Elelta’s blog, Nothing To Display, and follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Ags says:

    Els – you inspire me lady. Some more things I didn’t know about you BALLETTE! Big love xox