Staying Active on Vacation

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Think you can’t keep up with your training when you’re away on vacation? Oh guess again amigos! Just because you’re away from your usual surroundings doesn’t mean your training regime has to grind to a halt for a couple of weeks. There are plenty of ways you can stay active while you’re away.


I was on holiday in Canada for a couple of weeks and was in a rural area with not much around. I’m not a gym person anyway (which is a good thing, since there wasn’t one even remotely close), so had to get creative with how I trained. Since I finished the Etape, I’m now straight into marathon training so made a point of running every day while I’m out there. Running is perfect exercise when you’re traveling – you just need your trainers and you’re good to go. I eased myself in gently by finding a nice 2.5 mile loop and did that every morning. But it’s also a great way to play around with routes and explore new areas. If you happen to be having a beach vacation, running barefoot along the beach gives you a next level of workout as you have to work a little harder to stay stable on sand.


I also tend to take a skipping rope with me whenever I travel. I love me some skipping. Whether it’s a business trip or a relaxing vacation, skipping is a great, quick way to get a burst of exercise. They say 10 minutes skipping is equivalent to about 45 minutes running, so if you’re pressed for time or just not in the mood for a long workout, grab your rope and do a few quick sets. Also, takes up virtually no room in your suitcase – perfect!

Use your surroundings

If you can’t get to a gym, use your surroundings. While I was away, I used the steps to her house to do tricep dips, did some yoga and Pilates stretching on the grass in her back garden and even channeled my inner child and tried my hand at climbing some trees (both a workout and crazy fun).

Check for free classes

I managed to find a couple of free yoga classes in the area and went along to those and there was a 5K fun run that I participated in too. Do some research on your holiday destination before you go to see if there might be any free fitness stuff you can get to. Also, look into hiring a bike and be sure to walk to as many places as you can.

Generally, if you want to stay active, you will find plenty of ways to do so. You are still on holiday, so you don’t necessarily have to go as hard as you would in your regular training regime. It’s great to keep moving but don’t forget, you are still on vacation, so rest is most definitely necessary too!

One Response to “Staying Active on Vacation”
  1. Sophie says:

    I’m not a huge fan of running at home, but on holiday it’s a different story – it’s such a brilliant way to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and feel energised :)