Spikes & Heels Class is Back!

Spikes & Heels Class

After the raging success of the first Spikes & Heels class and much demand, I’ve decided to make the Spikes & Heels class a regular thing. HUZZAH! Now you can get your fix of badassery every two weeks.

So if you want some hardcore body conditioning resistance training, you’re gonna wanna get yourself down to this class. The last thing I want the Spikes class to be is uptight and snooty. I don’t want you to come in there feeling as though you can’t talk to anyone, can’t curse like a sailor when the instructor Pavlina is making you sit in a squat and it hurts to high heaven, can’t smile, laugh, high five and hoot n’ holler if you feel the need. If there’s one thing I truly believe in about this sweat quest we all find ourselves on, it’s that it should damn well be fun. Speak to any of the girls who attended the first class and I’m sure they’d all agree, they had a blast (even if their muscles did curse them for a few days after).

So, the sessions start on Wednesday Aug 7th at 8pm, Gymbox Farringdon, £10, then every other Wednesday thereafter.

If you wanna get in on this awesomeness, make sure you book yourself in pronto and brace yourself for some super fit, super fun times.

Click here to book.

3 Responses to “Spikes & Heels Class is Back!”
  1. Rain says:

    That class looks great… I wish we had something like that by us.

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