Robin Arzon – Run It Out


To be anywhere near the fitness industry, you’ve heard of Robin Arzon. I wrote about her back when I launched this site in 2012. I’m lucky to count her as a friend, so to see her rise to fitness fame has been a joy to watch. Her story is one that most definitely deserves to be told. Back in 2013, she ran five marathons in five days and thankfully, she had a crew of film makers documenting her journey.

That footage has culminated in the documentary Run It Out, directed by Tara Darby. Tara has launched a Kickstarter to raise the funds to finish the film. Pretty please take a moment today to go check out the trailer and donate if you can. It’d be great to see this film do big things and I say that not just as a super proud friend, but as someone who has always been a proponent for seeing badass women doing badass things on a big scale.

Here’s the Kickstarter page and here’s the Run It Out website.


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