Review: Pole Dancing Class

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To know me is to know I have a love of twerkin’ tunes and strip club music. Combine that with my love of fitness and it was really only a matter of time before I found myself in a pole dancing class. I genuinely have a whole heap of respect for people who have mastered the pole. I’ve always been super impressed with the amount of core and upper body strength it takes to fling yourself around on one of those things, so I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Wendy, who runs Pole PrivĂ© – private pole dancing classes, very kindly offered to host me and my gals in a studio in Central London and teach us some moves. Let me be the first to say, that shit ain’t easy! As it was a one off session, Wendy ran us through a bunch of moves to show us the possibilities, rather than focusing in on technique.

Without a doubt, you need upper body and core strength, control and poise to master any of it (with a good deal of patience thrown in). I expected that though. What I didn’t expect was what I guess can only be referred to as ‘pole burn’ (look, I figure we’re close enough now that I can throw terms like that around without you raising eyebrows). Soooo, you can’t have oily or moisurised skin if you’re trying to do tricks on a pole (obviously – you don’t wanna be sliding off that bad boy). For a lot of the moves, the only thing holding you on there is the grip of your upper inner thighs – the friction of the pole in that particular area *sharp intake of breath* look, I’ll just be frank – it left most of us feeling like we’d broken our vaginas. It was intense! But as with anything, Wendy assured us, with time, you get used to that feeling and just don’t notice it anymore.

Evidence it’s a good workout? I kid you not when I say all the muscles in my upper body were on fire for days afterwards. Biceps, triceps, traps, abs – all of ’em. FIYAH I tell ya.

While mastering those moves is tough, this class was also a ton of fun. I made a special twerkin’ playlist for the occasion (full of utter filth) and if you go with a gang of your girls, there’s basically no way you can’t have an absolute blast.

I will definitely be trying out pole again. I’m determined to master those moves!

Check out Pole PrivĂ© to book a class Wendy who’s an awesome teacher.

One Response to “Review: Pole Dancing Class”
  1. Kat says:

    I have wanted to try pole fitness for SO long but always chickened out. It sounds so amazing and I really want to improve my upper body strength. I also am a fun of strip club music…
    I need to grow a pair of tits and book myself a session!