Review: Nike Hyperfeel


Nike have been my shoe of choice since I started running three years ago and they’ve always done the job. I’m currently running in Flyknits (as evidenced by my daily 6am run shots on Instagram), which I’d say are my favourite running shoes yet. But then, last night, I had the chance to try out Nike’s latest release, the Hyperfeel and it’s a strong contender to take the top spot as my new fave.

Ever since Nike founder Bill Bowerman made the company’s first waffle soled shoe, they’ve pretty much dominated the trainer market. Funnily enough, no shoe they’ve made since that first one has been as light. It seems Nike’s focus the last few years has had a particular slant towards sustainability and how to make the shoes not only more efficient for the runner, but more efficient to make. A whole lot of technology and time has gone into this Hyperfeel shoe.

Their Flyknit technology sees the trainer uppers made out of one piece and is employed once again in the Hyperfeel. Apparently they wanted the fit of these to be ‘like a sock with a sole’. In that regard, mission accomplished. You pull the shoe on, there’s no tongue, it sits snug against your foot and that waffle sole is like a whole new world of comfort.

I went for a short run in them last night and surprisingly, as they’re Nike’s most minimalist shoe, they felt nice and springy with plenty of traction. I’m yet to try them on a long run but instantly I can tell these would be great for track workouts and shorter runs.

What makes these a further winner in my eyes is that the super sleek design means these work just as well with regular clothes as they do with your workout kit. If you’ve had heels on all day, throwing these on to make your journey home would feel like nothing short of heaven, I’m sure.

So all in all, a thumbs up from me. I’ll keep you posted on how they feel on a long run.

The shoes retail for £150.

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