Review: Misfit Shine


While we all love being super fit badasses, one of the best things about being a super fit badass in 2014 is the myriad of gadgets available for you to track just how fit you are. I have nothing against anyone who keeps track of their training with good ol’ pen and paper (I still do occasionally too), but having a gadget to help you keep track digitally is adding an interesting element to fitness these days. I’ve recently had the opportunity to try out one such gadget, the Misfit Shine, and I gotta say, I’m frikkin’ loving it!

I was an early adopter of the Nike Fuelband and I really loved that…until it died. Mine lasted a lot longer than many people I know. I loved the community aspect of the Fuelband and that it synched with Nike Plus, which I use for my running. It had a lot of great aspects, but there was a lot lacking in it too.

What was missing in the Fuelband, I find is all present and correct in the Misfit Shine. Firstly, the app you use with it is super easy to use and gives you a great breakdown of all your stats in a few easy clicks and the device syncs with it quickly and seamlessly. Needless to say, I’ve rapidly become obsessed with checking my stats a bajillion times a day.

Bonus point number two: it tracks your sleep. This is something I always wished the Fuelband did. As someone who suffers with awful bouts of insomnia, I’ve really wanted to get a better handle on understanding my sleeping patterns, so this element of the Misfit Shine has been really interesting for me to play around with.

Bonus point number three: it’s waterproof! Huzzah! Granted, I haven’t actually swum with it yet, but I wear it in the shower and it emerges unscathed every time!

Another thing I love about it is that you can tag the various activities you do. It’ll automatically pick up if you’re running and currently has capacity to tag activities as cycling, basketball, football, tennis and swimming, with plans to add more activities in future – so this gives you further insight into exactly how hard you’re working during particular exercises.

On top of all this – it just looks cool. It’s not super obvious as a fitness tracker. It actually just looks like a kind of bracelet (but you can also wear it as a necklace or attached it to your hip or ankle).

All in all, I give the Misfit Shine two thumbs up. I’m active every day, but I definitely find that wearing this reminds me to keep moving and lets me know when I’m slacking. I’d say it’s perfect for anyone, whether you’re just getting into fitness or you’re a seasoned vet, either way, it’s gonna keep you motivated.

To find out more, check out the Misfit Shine site.

5 Responses to “Review: Misfit Shine”
  1. omaigod! I love how it looks! Super sexy.

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m STILL after the perfect fitness tracker! I can’t justify spending the money unless I know it’s perfect. How does it fare when tracking stuff like weightlifting and spinning? Do you have to enter those manually? And is it compatible with other apps like MyFitnessPal?


  3. Jess says:

    I have one of these and I love it. I’ve had it since Christmas and the battery has only just died too.

    Sarah, it’s not compatible with MyFitnessPal (the Jawbone UP! is though) and it’s not great with exercises outside of its limited range.

    Out of the fitness trackers I’ve used this is the best one. It’s just so simple.

  4. This article made me laugh. Its true that fitness is often a hard scrabble to the top and then a massive ego boost once you get there. Tracking your fitness can be a great motivator when building up your fitness and allows you to truly see how far you have come when you start to reach peak fitness. Personally i find the gadgets we get today very motivating.

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