Review: Barry’s Bootcamp


I went to Barry’s Bootcamp one Friday night a couple of weeks ago and I swear, the muscle ache that followed didn’t stop til Wednesday of the following week. It was awesome!

On a serious note though, Barry’s Bootcamp is totally my kinda workout. It’s tough, it’s fast, it’s furious – it gives you cardio and some weights. I most definitely left satisfied. Knackered, but satisfied.

Barry’s is super popular in the States. The London location just opened last year and seems to have rapidly acquired the same cult-status as the Stateside venues. On a Friday night, every spot in the 40 person class was taken, with people showing up and asking to be put on the waiting list. Yeah, it’s safe to say it’s pretty popular.

The class is split into two parts; treadmill intervals and weights and floor work. Twenty people do one while the remainder do the other. If you’re on the treadmills, you’ll be pushed to lung-bursting hill sprints with short recovery. If you’re on the floor, you’ll either be doing push ups and squat combos or using dumb bells in a series of shoulder press, bicep curls and tricep extensions. The night I went, it was all done to the pretty awesome set of a live DJ. Nice touch.

Barry’s Bootcamp have also recently teamed up with The Good Life Eatery. So now, you can get a delicious, healthy snack after your workout. It’s all too easy to reach for something bad once you’ve finished a sweat fest, so having something you can grab straight from the fridge in reception as soon as you come out of the studio is great – especially since the calories etc in the meals have all been calculated so you know you’re getting the right amount of goodness. I tried the sweet potato pot after my workout and it was full of all sorts of yum.

So, if you’re looking for a killer workout followed by some awesome food, I’d recommend heading down to Barry’s.

For class times and all that other good stuff, check out the Barry’s site.

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