Pitango: Bespoke Spokes

Pitango Bikes

I like a bit of bike porn early in the week so thought I’d share the wonderful work of Pitango.

If you’ve been pondering on getting a bike but can’t find one you like, you can customise your ride to have it exactly the way you want. Pitango use streamlined steel frames in Pantone shades. You can pick your own colour combination and design features.

Pitango Bikes

With the increase popularity of cycling, it’s nice to see some fun being injected into it – it doesn’t all have to be for the super serious Sunday morning Lycra mafia. If you just want a sexy looking bike to commute to work on, so be it. With Pitango you can choose from road bike or Dutch style frames, then pick your handlebar style and colour combinations for the bike tyres, rims, wheels, chainset, seat and bar tape. There’s potential here for your bike to look like a moving rainbow, which frankly, would be awesome.

Pitango Bikes

Check them out at Pitangobikes.com

Start customising!

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