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    Fitness Instructors: Up Your Game

    Wednesday, February 17, 2016

    Fitness instructors, the time has come for you to get it together. Gone are the days when this was a nice little side earner for you. So too, are they times you thought this was an easy qualification to get in lieu of ‘getting a proper job’. See, the fitness landscape has changed and I […]

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Charli Cohen Sportswear

Chip In For #TheCCEffect

I wrote about Charli Cohen’s beautiful sportswear a few months ago. I’ve been following this awesome lady for a while now and have had the pleasure of meeting her and I can tell you, she’s a grafter. Her debut collection is available online from February, but she’s keen to have a physical shop presence where […]

Alyson Felix

PSA: Be Safe!

I love winter training. Definitely much prefer it over battling the heat in the summer. You may modify the type of exercise you do in the winter, perhaps your goals change, but if you, like me, like to train outdoors, you definitely need to take the time of day you train into consideration once the […]


Heels of the Day

Oh Michael Kors, with these camo haircalf pumps, you are really spoiling us. They’re heels. They’re camo. I think I can rest my case there friends. This is one helluva dreamy shoe and perfect for Autumn/Winter. Plus, when you’re rambling in the forest wearing these, no one will be able to see your feet, which […]

Jennifer Lawrence with Josh Hutcheson in The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence: Fit & Strong

On Tuesday, I wrote an article for The Guardian in response to Jennifer Lawrence‘s comments in a recent interview that she wants to be fit and strong. Knowing the stance I take on female body image and exercise on this site, The Guardian asked me to write a few words on it. I’m not into […]


New York Workouts

Ahoy friends! Sorry for the absence/radio silence. I went to Noo Yawk for a week, then I was lazy for a week (hey, it happens). But I have now dragged myself out of my jet lag haze and can fully communicate to you how awesome my trip was because guys, ZOMG it was all of […]


Spikes & Heels Episode 2

In this episode, we take a look at the variety of lunge exercises and talk to Team GB volleyball player Shauna Mullen. We review the Personal Pilates Trainer app and the ab roller, get the lowdown from Lululemon on their workout gear, and I chat to Laura Bower from Rapha about how to get more […]


Journey into Weights

Well friends, I’ve finally done it. I’ve started lifting heavy stuff and putting it back down. Weights is something I have always wanted to try out, but for some reason have shied away from. Any woman I’ve spoken to about weights is a total convert. A couple of months ago, I started seriously thinking about […]


Dear Douchebag

Dear Douchebag Who Shouted Abuse at Me While I Was Running Last Night, I would like to serve you a portion of screw you with a side order of shut the f*ck up. ‘Get moving!’ you shouted as me and a bunch of my running crew buddies breezed past you. Thanks for the coaching n’ […]


Spikes & Heels Show Episode 1

This summer, the five episode series of the Spikes & Heels TV show aired on Trace Sports TV and I’m pleased to say episode one is finally online. On this first episode myself and co-host Jeanette Kwakye talk you through a fitness segment, there’s an interview with Olympian Ashleigh Nelson, we review the Nike Training […]


Street Athlete: Elelta Demissie Tafesse

Elelta is a friend of mine whose vibe and approach to life I just really admire. She’s always super chill, funny, with a wise word at hand. She has a cool way of tackling her fitness life and she makes a great Street Athlete. Check her out. – Name Elelta Demissie Tafesse – Age 31 […]