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    Fitness Instructors: Up Your Game

    Wednesday, February 17, 2016

    Fitness instructors, the time has come for you to get it together. Gone are the days when this was a nice little side earner for you. So too, are they times you thought this was an easy qualification to get in lieu of ‘getting a proper job’. See, the fitness landscape has changed and I […]

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Beating the Marathon Des Sables

When I first heard of the Marathon Des Sables a few years ago – the 156 mile race through the Sahara desert which is often ranked as the toughest foot race on earth – I remember thinking ‘you’ve gotta be mad as a bag of snakes to enter that!’ I’ve read tales of people who’ve […]


Misty Copeland & THAT Ad

I love everything about this ad. When I saw it for the first time last week, my heart raced as I watched it. I can think of few things that so powerfully get across the message of female athleticism, not giving up and being at the top of your game, than this. As fit women, […]

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The Power of Pacing

My race pack for Hackney Half Marathon remained unopened until the day before race day. I hadn’t trained. Well, not in the traditional sense – I’m active every day, so I knew my body would comply and carry me through the majority of it, I just didn’t know how much I’d be paying for that […]

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Moving? No Sweat!

Let me get a little lifestyle-y on you for a second. Moving house – typically pretty high up there on the stress scale. I moved house on Monday and I’ve gotta say, I had Buddhist monk levels of Zen going on throughout the whole thing. I guess that’s what comes with being a minimalist and […]


Inspiration: Leigh Gerson

So, as you know, I run with the mighty Run Dem Crew. One of the best things about the crew over the past couple of years has been our connection with similar crews around the world and our annual/bi-annual ‘Bridge The Gap’ events, in which all these crews descend on a city somewhere in the […]


Street Athlete: Food & Lycra

If you don’t know about Food & Lycra, where have you been? I’ve been lucky enough to both run and eat with these girls (and lemme tell ya, if there’s one thing these chicks know, it’s food) and to count them as friends. They’re down to earth chicks who work their training into their lives […]


Review: Barry’s Bootcamp

I went to Barry’s Bootcamp one Friday night a couple of weeks ago and I swear, the muscle ache that followed didn’t stop til Wednesday of the following week. It was awesome! On a serious note though, Barry’s Bootcamp is totally my kinda workout. It’s tough, it’s fast, it’s furious – it gives you cardio […]


Review: Misfit Shine

While we all love being super fit badasses, one of the best things about being a super fit badass in 2014 is the myriad of gadgets available for you to track just how fit you are. I have nothing against anyone who keeps track of their training with good ol’ pen and paper (I still […]


A Guide to Cheering

Ever get frustrated when you’re doing a race and there are a ton of spectators there, but they just came to cheer on their cousin Amy, so they’re just not dishing out any extra cheers? Yeah, me too. I’m sure it’s because I participate in races myself that I understand the importance of a good […]


Spikes Style: Lija

You know I see no reason to look a hot mess even when I am a hot mess (if that makes sense). Since I already know that when I work out, my face will be beetroot red, my hair will be all over the place and I will be sweating like crazy, I like to […]