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    Fitness Instructors: Up Your Game

    Wednesday, February 17, 2016

    Fitness instructors, the time has come for you to get it together. Gone are the days when this was a nice little side earner for you. So too, are they times you thought this was an easy qualification to get in lieu of ‘getting a proper job’. See, the fitness landscape has changed and I […]

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Knomo Gym Bag

Here’s a well known fact of life: gym bags kinda suck. They’re either pink, too big, too small, have crazy straps or…are pink. You’ve probably been thinking how annoying it is that your regular bag can’t double up as a gym bag. Look no further, amigos. Just in time for that massive sporting event that’s […]


Street Athletes: Tameka Small

Fascinated by the fluidity of movement that comes with Capoeira, we tracked down Tameka Smalls, who is fusing it with martial arts and yoga – throw in a couple of Spartan Races and we’ve got ourselves a Street Athlete. Meet Ms Small. – Name Tameka Small – Age 30 – Occupation I just returned from […]


Run in Style

You’d never guess the Olympics is in London right? I saw this window display in H&M one very early morning last week on my way to a run with Sweaty Betty. Talk about the perfect marriage of sport and style (or Spikes and Heels, if you will). Those mannequins have excellent running form considering their […]


Rainy Runs…

When it’s muggy outside and it starts to rain mid-run, it’s like a sweet, blessed relief. Here’s me and Petra Bender last week after the heavens opened in the last mile of a six miler. It was awesome!


Run Britannia

If you happen to be in town during the Olympics and fancy seeing the glorious sights of London and getting a run in at the same time, well look no further than Sweaty Betty. The uber stylish sportswear boutique has put together a series of runs called ‘Run Britannia’, 5K runs which will take you […]


Interview: Abi Griffiths

If there’s sport on TV, it’s pretty likely that Abi Griffiths has, at some point, covered it. From ESPN to the BBC, from motorsport to rugby, Abi has reported on it all. There aren’t exactly an abundance of female sports presenters around, so we wanted to catch up with Abi to get her views on […]


Ignoring Women’s Sport

This week, Outside magazine published a great article looking into why society as a whole, for the most part ignores women’s sport. It focuses particularly on cycling and the problems women’s teams face getting sponsorship, but broadens the debate to look at the role of media, sex, femininity, race and consumer demand. Some interesting quotes […]


Black Girls Run

We’ve been following the growing Black Girls Run movement online for a couple of years now. In that time, it has grown to be quite an epic force on the US fitness scene. So we thought we’d catch up with them to see what they’re all about, the taboo of black girls running and what […]


Fair Game Petition

Stylist Magazine have put themselves out there to tackle sexism in sport with their Fair Game For Women in Sport campaign. It’s great to have a mainstream publication champion this, so kudos to Stylist for getting it out there. They’ve started a petition to get women’s sport more coverage and more funding. We here at […]


Street Athletes: Angel Dee

She’s small but mighty. Angel Dee can be found running or carrying a person twice her body weight with the Spartan Fam. The very definition of a Street Athlete, she embodies the spirit of a Spikes and Heels chick. There’s no way we couldn’t feature her here. Her approach to fitness, as quite simply just […]