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    Fitness Instructors: Up Your Game

    Wednesday, February 17, 2016

    Fitness instructors, the time has come for you to get it together. Gone are the days when this was a nice little side earner for you. So too, are they times you thought this was an easy qualification to get in lieu of ‘getting a proper job’. See, the fitness landscape has changed and I […]

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Insanity Workout_2

Review: Insanity

It seems everyone has heard of the Insanity workout but no one knows quite what to make of it. All I knew of it was that it is a 60 day program of high intensity interval training. I’ve heard good and bad things but I figured the only way I’ll know is if I try […]


Workout Vs Work

So, last week I was at Rapha HQ, chatting it up about the Etape and one of the designers mentioned to me that the day before, the whole office had shut down and all the staff went out on a group ride together. Apparently, they do this about three times a year. This fact bowled […]

Bike Ready Booty

Bike Ready Booty

As part of my Etape du Tour training, I’m working with KX Gym in Chelsea. They are helping me get my body ready for the challenge, ensuring that I’m physically ready and my nutrition is on point. Through sessions with the chiropractor Ben (who is awesome by the way), we figured out the weak areas […]

Etape Winners_2

And the Winners Are…

So, a couple of weeks ago I announced a competition to win a place on the Etape du Tour. Quite honestly, when Rapha gave me the places to give away, I thought ‘Man, I’m gonna have to beg people to take these places. No one is gonna be crazy enough to take this on.’ Well, […]


Win an Etape du Tour Place!

**THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED** As you know, I’m making my first foray into cycling by diving in head first and taking on the Etape du Tour (baptism by fire?) – 130km through The Alps on July 7th. I’ll be riding as part of Rapha’s Women’s 100 initiative, designed to get more women on bikes. […]

Nicola Adams_2

Pro-Focus: Nicola Adams

Without question, the break out star of the Olympics was flyweight boxer, Nicola Adams. The Leeds lass with a big smile who can certainly pack a punch. Being from Leeds myself and boxing being the sport that got me off the couch and got me active three years ago, having the opportunity to meet Nicola […]

Sweaty Betty

Win Some Sweaty Betty

Hey there! Wanna win some Sweaty Betty goodies? Ridiculous question. OF COURSE YOU DO. Back in February, Sweaty Betty launched an initiative called The Fit Crowd, of which I am a part – a collective of bloggers who enjoy ze fitness and will act as online ambassadors for Sweaty Betty-ness. They had a great launch […]

Sigerson Morrison shoes

Heels of the Day

Oh Sigerson Morrison, you evil genius. Absolutely loving these heels. There’s strappiness, there’s gold croc effect leather, there’s lovely stroke-able suede, but most of all, there’s 5 inches of heel to give you a boost. I love the shape of these – so feminine and badass. And, they’re currently on sale over at The Outnet. […]


A Thank You

A year ago today, I launched this site. I’d become frustrated by the majority of fitness media aimed at women. With the way myself and the women around me like to train, I knew there had to be a change. There had to be something out there for women who push themselves, women who go […]

running for charity

No Charity Love?

It used to be you could sign up to run a marathon, pay your fee and trot through your 26.2 worrying only about your miles. Now, the game has changed. It’s all about charity. You cannot simply run a marathon anymore, mainly because it’s become harder and harder to get in one. So many races […]