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    Fitness Instructors: Up Your Game

    Wednesday, February 17, 2016

    Fitness instructors, the time has come for you to get it together. Gone are the days when this was a nice little side earner for you. So too, are they times you thought this was an easy qualification to get in lieu of ‘getting a proper job’. See, the fitness landscape has changed and I […]

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long distance swimmer Diana Nyad

Sports Star Salute: Diana Nyad

On Monday, Diana Nyad did something incredible. She swam from Cuba to Florida. This was her fourth attempt and she finally did it. She is 64 years old. She is the epitome of a badass. She did the swim without the aid of a shark cage, so was putting herself at considerable risk. The swim […]

Fitness Survey

Tell Me About You!

That’s my puppy there, Stringer Bell, pretty much just because I wanted to post a picture of him, ’cause he’s adorable, I won’t lie to you friends. But also, because he’s really curious to know more about you guys. I yack on about myself a lot on here and I figured it was about time […]

Nike Flyknit

Top 5: Things I Wish I’d Known About Fitness

I’m not a naturally sporty person. No siree. I got into this here fitness life about three years ago and needless to say, it’s the best decision I ever made for myself. Life has changed in weird, wonderful and unbelievable ways since I put the wraps on, donned some gloves and timidly went to my […]

S&H Class2

S&H Class: Book It!

Last Wednesday saw another Spikes & Heels class hit Gymbox Farringdon. Once again myself and the badass chicks who attended were put through our paces by the awesome Pavlina Golds. Sweet Jesus, that woman works you hard! The DOMS I had on Friday (you know how it’s usually worse the second day after exercise) was […]

Nike Fuel Band

Fitness Meets Life

One thing I’m adamant about in my own fitness life is the way fitness slots in with my day to day goings on. Working out isn’t just something I do, it’s my lifestyle. I always try to figure a way to be active into my day. For me, that’s been the key to keeping going, […]


Restarting Running

Having spent the first half of the year training for the Etape, I spent a whole lotta time on a bike and sidelined running to focus on that. The Etape and all its training really took a lot out of me. It was an insane challenge for me and I won’t lie, I was relieved […]

Niamh Corbett - running photo_2

Street Athlete: Niamh Corbett

I met Niamh Corbett at an event recently and had a good chinwag with her. She has a high-powered, super-stressful banking job and is really involved with an organisation called ‘The 30% Club’ which aims to get more women on corporate boards. Anyhoo, during our chat, where I’m kinda blow away by the sound of […]

Pitango Bikes

Pitango: Bespoke Spokes

I like a bit of bike porn early in the week so thought I’d share the wonderful work of Pitango. If you’ve been pondering on getting a bike but can’t find one you like, you can customise your ride to have it exactly the way you want. Pitango use streamlined steel frames in Pantone shades. […]


Integra: Taking it to the MAT

So let me guess – being the badass you are, you’ve probably got some niggles or keep getting injured or spending a fortune on sports massage and physio? Right, in that case, it may be time to start looking at things differently. Last week, I headed down to Integra – a studio in East London […]

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty: Intergalactic

Sweaty Betty is a brand I have increasingly warmed to over the years. As my lifestyle dictates that the best sportswear for me is that which is transitional – where I can go from a workout to a meeting looking slick and styled, I watch brands with keen interest to see how they walk the […]