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Ahoy friends! Sorry for the absence/radio silence. I went to Noo Yawk for a week, then I was lazy for a week (hey, it happens). But I have now dragged myself out of my jet lag haze and can fully communicate to you how awesome my trip was because guys, ZOMG it was all of the aces.

I love me some New York. I lived there for about a year and a half after graduating uni. Unfortunately, that was during my prolonged couch potato years, so I didn’t really experience all of the awesome you can experience there as a person into fitness.

As you know, when I travel, I always like to stay active. My running shoes are the first thing to go into any suitcase (I then stuff suitcase with a ridiculous amount of crazy patterned workout leggings for every workout occasion, but I digress). My specific reason for going over was to watch the New York Marathon (yes, just watch it, not run it because sadly, it’s nigh on impossible to get a place for that damn marathon and if you do, as a non-American, it costs you roughly 10 bajillion dollars to do). So anyhoo, as I’d be there for the marathon as I have a ton of runner friends in NYC, I knew I’d be doing some working out.


So it all kicked off with a Halloween run with the original running crew, the Bridgerunners. I run with them whenever I’m in New York and we’re pretty connected to them through Run Dem Crew. A Bridgerunner run is always experience, but join them for an ‘event’ run like Halloween and you are in for a treat. Over 100 people showed up to run, all in face paint (probably more than a little freaky for pedestrians seeing a bunch of zombie-looking freaks running at you). They had a sound system hooked up to a lower rider bike pumping out Biggie, Mobb Deep and an assortment of insanely good tuneage. We did a quick four miles around downtown Manhattan with onlookers cheering us on, dancing with us at traffic lights and generally sending good vibes our way. It was insanely good times. I highly, highly recommend looking them up for a run if you’re ever in the New York area.


A couple of days later, my good friend and Sultan of Badassery Robin Arzon who is a newly qualified spin instructor led us in what will possibly go down in history as the most leg-burn inducing sweat fest of a spin ride of all time. Sweet Jesus, that woman can push you. In all seriousness though, Robin is an awesome instructor and her playlists are kick ass. We had a ton o’ fun, even if we were looking to make our own funeral arrangements after the class. She teaches at Revolve – get yourself there for a good old fashioned ass whoopin’ ‘pon a spin bike.

We then did a run organised by Nike for the marathoners. A 2.62 mile run (see what they did there?). We ran from midtown to…well quite honestly, I don’t know where the hell we ended up. Wherever it was, there was a sweet ass view and one helluva party at the other end. Check out the Nike stores in NY for their run club activities.


And then on the Sunday was the creme de la creme – the marathon. Sure I wasn’t running it, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t active. I mean, have you ever seen me cheering at a marathon? Oh, it is INTENSE my friends. I give it my all. We had signs, we had cowbells, we had megaphones, we had snacks (for the runners, not just ourselves). We positioned ourselves at Mile 21 and yelled our hearts out for the heroes throwing down 26.2 miles. I love watching marathons and it was a pleasure to watch one of the big five in person. We had a lot of our New York friends doing it, so I was voiceless by days end, but it was totally worth it.

All in all – I had a great and active week in New York City. I didn’t even scratch the surface of what it’s possible to do there fitness wise.

What have been your favourite workouts in other cities?


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  1. Loved this post :) I have to comment on the second picture, your friend on the left is wearing such a CUTE purple tee, which looks like it was given as part as a Nike sponsored run. I had to show my boyfriend – he’s training for his 1st marathon ever, in Zurich, so he’s running every single run he can join here in Barcelona, and I’ve become very curious as to what kind of crap or brilliant tee he gets on each run 😉

    The Halloween run sounds like it was great fun, any event like that in NY has to be pretty amazing, it’s a great city, I’m in love with it and must visit again soon.