International Women’s Day Run

International Women's Day Run

Next Saturday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day and a great time to celebrate the achievements of those of us who possess boobs. Myself and my good friend Elle of run like ‘elle decided, what better way to celebrate than with a run?!

We will be doing a run in London, starting at Green Park station at 9am. It’ll be 4 miles and will stop at three locations along the way to pay homage to some of the great women who have lived in this city throughout history. It’s gonna be a ton of sweaty, awesome fun and we want you all there! Grab your girls and come join us.

We announced our run on Monday and by Tuesday morning, we had emails from running crews around the world who wanted to take this idea global, to which we said HELL YEAH! As of right now, there will be International Women’s Day Runs happening in London, Paris, Copenhagen, Moscow, Istanbul, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro and beyond. I’m both flabbergasted and super hyped at how quickly this thing has spread around the world. It’ll make the run all the more powerful on the day knowing that our sisters around the world will be running to empower women globally too.

So please do come and join us on the 8th. This is not a fast run, it’s not about speed. It’s about being together, making friends, empowering each other and learning a little along the way.

If you can’t join us in London, why not do a run in your city? Check out the Facebook page where all the current global runs are detailed and maybe you can add your own.

Follow me and Elle on Instagram for updates (@bangsandabun and @runlikeelle)

We are women, hear us ROAR!

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