Integra: Taking it to the MAT


So let me guess – being the badass you are, you’ve probably got some niggles or keep getting injured or spending a fortune on sports massage and physio? Right, in that case, it may be time to start looking at things differently. Last week, I headed down to Integra – a studio in East London who are doing just that.

Integra take a look at your muscular system and how it’s currently operating. From there, they figure out the weaknesses and how to correct them. Traditionally, if you have, let’s say, pain in your knee, traditional treatments will treat that pain. What I learned at Integra last week is that the pain is just a symptom – it is a protective mechanism put in place by the brain. So the area that hurts is just muscles around where the problem actually is, letting the brain know to protect that area. So basically, getting a massage just treats the pain, not the actual source of the problem, so oftentimes, the injury will return.

At Integra, they use the Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) to focus on muscle inhibition and find which areas may not be operating properly. Then they’ll get you balanced out and in the long run, this will help to reduce the risk of injury, improve recovery times and improve speed, strength and agility. For example, during my appointment, we found I had quite a lazy left glute (no ‘lazy ass’ jokes, please), so Michael focused on that area and balanced me out. Interestingly, a few days before when I was running, I had noticed that I sounded as though I was landing heavier on my right side. That was my right leg compensating for my left glute not holding up its end of the bargain.

Generally, I found the whole process fascinating and would love to go back for more. The more I get into fitness, the more interested I become in the science of the body and what makes us tick. This is a really interesting approach really aims to get your body working at its optimum.

Check out their website and book yourself in for an appointment. You’ll learn some pretty interesting stuff about your body.

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