Embarrassing Gym Moments

Embarrassing Gym Moments

We are all hardcore and badass when it comes to our workouts, OBVIOUSLY. But you know you sometimes have those moments during a workout where something just goes tits up and you have to laugh at yourself? Yeah, I thought it’d be fun to take a little time out today to acknowledge that while yeah, we’ll beat basically anyone in a press up competition, we still know how to have a good laugh in our workouts.

Today, I am opening up the floor to you to share your stories – your embarrassing gym/workout stories. But I shall not get out of it – oh no, I shall put myself on the line too. So here goes:

My most embarrassing gym moment was last summer. I was doing 7am classes in a gym a few miles down the road. I’d jump out of bed, put my kit on, grab a quick bite to eat and head out the door to catch the tube. My other half is not an early bird so I’m always conscious of not waking him up. This particular day, my alarm went off, I got out of bed, didn’t put the light on as I didn’t wanna wake my fella. I put my gym kit on, which I’d laid out on the bed the night before and headed downstairs. I sleepily ate some breakfast and headed out the door. Walked to the station, waited for the tube, got on it, got off it, walked to the gym at the other end, went to drop my bag in the changing rooms to realise….I had my entire outfit on inside out. MORTIFICATION! It wouldn’t have been quite so bad if I wasn’t wearing the kind of shorts that have the built in knickers in them. Yeah, not a good look at all. No wonder I was getting strange looks throughout the journey.

Note to self: get dressed with lights on.

So now, over to you: what has been your most embarrassing gym/workout moment. Feel free to comment anonymously if you must.

Comment away!

9 Responses to “Embarrassing Gym Moments”
  1. werner.peggy says:

    LOLZ. Going to gym to achieve active lifestyle but not active mentally.

  2. Scallywag says:

    I have genuinely fallen off a treadmill doing sprints. I was feeling all badass, chucking the speed up then suddenly I trip and find myself catapulted off of the back into space (they actually fling you quite far!). To make matters worse, a nice young man came to see if I was okay and when I said ‘Its fine, I don’t think I’m hurt’, grinned and replied, ‘Just your pride then, eh?’.

    I have also dropped a weight on my hand before. I was convinced I’d broken it but it wasn’t a dramatic incident (tipped it over with my foot onto my hand) so no one noticed it happen until the friend I was working out with went, ‘How many sets do you still ha… Are you CRYING?’.

    What can I say, clumsy lady.

  3. Annonymous says:

    Ha – yours isn’t too bad – mine was when I was trying to deadlift 200lbs and farted :)

    • Annie. says:

      😀 Remembers me – off-topic, I’m afraid – of my singing class when my teacher did so many relaxing exercises with me until I farted, too. However, as I stood there, totally embarrassed, believe me, she told me joyfully not to hold anything back as that was a good sign …. (I was embarassed even more then…).

  4. joggerjo says:

    I was taking disc weights off of a machine and one was a bit stuck, so i gave it a bit of a tug and it came hurtling off and smaked me in the face. So i ended up prone on the gym floor with a bloody nose…epic fail…not bad ass at all. ????

  5. Steph says:

    I was once in a gym class and since I can’t skip very well (absolutely no co-ordination) the instructor decided I should just skip on the spot without the rope while twirling a skipping rope at my side. This was working okay until I failed to notice another woman in class walking past and whacked her in the face with a skipping rope! I have never felt so bad. I haven’t tried skipping since but I still manage to lose class equipment as it rolls away from me, fall off fitness balls and fire those pilates rings across the room. Maybe I should exercise alone….

  6. Annie. says:

    Thank you all for sharing. I’m all laughter and smiles now – after a rather bad day.

    I had a rather bad moment when I had only just started at the bench press. It must have been one of my first times alone in the studio (furthermore, not my usual one, but another one belonging to the gym chain were I worked out). Somehow, I got stuck below the barbell. It didn’t hurt much, but I didn’t know how to get out either. Then I had to laugh and couldn’t press the barbell of my chest for a while. I then decided just to lie still until I would find the energy to do so.

    The only thing that helped a lot happened much later: One of the guys in what I call the “male area” of the gym got stuck as well. In his case, it must have hurt a lot as he had put on a lot of weights. He had to call me for help….. quite embarrasing for him, I suppose….

  7. lara says:

    Having to tell a lady in a combat class that her panty liner had become detached, slipped out of the leg of your capris and I had had to shuffle round it. Poor girl :(

  8. Leanne says:

    I farted in yoga! My own personal nightmare come true. And of course it is so quiet in there.