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Charli Cohen Sportswear

I wrote about Charli Cohen’s beautiful sportswear a few months ago. I’ve been following this awesome lady for a while now and have had the pleasure of meeting her and I can tell you, she’s a grafter. Her debut collection is available online from February, but she’s keen to have a physical shop presence where people can have an awesome retail experience and see her sportswear up close. But getting such a presence is an expensive ordeal. Hence, Charli’s idea to use crowd funding as a way to get her there.

Charli has been using Kickstarter to raise £30,000 during the month of November so that her dream project can go ahead. With seven days to go, she’s raised over £26,000, which is phenomenal, but she needs our help to get her to her target.

The fitness community has really come a long way over the past couple of years – this is our chance to support someone who has been instrumental in that. And let’s face it, having an awesome little shop for us to be able to see, touch and buy some great sportswear is a win-win for all of us.

Every penny counts at this point. Please head on over to her Kickstarter, dig in your pockets and show Charli some love. Women supporting women to get ahead – this is something we should all be behind.

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