Bloody Elle! I’m Elle’s New Fitness Editor!


Soooo *ahem* bit o’ news. If you follow me on social media, you’ll already know this, but when you pick up this month’s issue of ELLE magazine, I’m in there as their new Contributing Editor for Fitness. This has been in the works for months, but actually seeing it in print is a different thing altogether. I’ve just about picked myself up off the floor.

It’s not often we really celebrate our wins. Life moves fast and we’re all so concerned with hitting certain landmarks that, in our minds, constitute success, that sometimes we let a moment drift right on by without even realising it was kind of a big deal. I don’t want to do that here. So even if this comes off as braggy, please let me just own it for a couple of paragraphs.

I grew up in Otley, West Yorkshire. As a child I would fill notebook upon notebook with my writing. I knew that’s what I wanted to do. As a teen, I literally stockpiled ELLE magazine and would read each issue cover to cover. The big dream was to move to London and one day, maybe one day, I’d have a shot at working for one of those big glossies.

Life’s taken me on a fair few detours since then, but I’ve been slogging it out in London for the past five years. It seemed every time I took a step forward, something would happen to send me two steps back. I’ve had little victories here and there, but there has been much more struggle behind the scenes than perhaps I’ve ever let on.

When ELLE reached out to me a few months ago asking if I’d like to be part of a team of new Contributing Editors, telling me how much they admire what I’ve done in fitness, I don’t think anything has been more life affirming, more reassuring that I was right to not give up, than that email.

I’m sharing the news here because a win for me is a win for you. I’m sharing the news here because those of you who have been ride or die with me here and on my Bangs and a Bun blog over the years, whether you know it or not, have kept me going, you’ve helped me find my purpose, you’ve allowed me to grow and change, you’ve been a part of probably the most significant part of my life. I honestly mean it when I say I wouldn’t be here without you.

Thank you.

A million times over.

Thank you for believing in me, laughing with me, crying with me and sharing my posts.

The moral of the story, if there is one, is that you can’t give up. ‘The Dream’ isn’t gonna come packaged the way you want. Sometimes you have to take some long ass detours that make no sense. You’ll get frustrated, you’ll think you’re on the wrong path, that it’s too much work, that you’ve had enough – and at certain points, all of those feelings will be right. But then, if you keep grafting, out of the blue, the Universe will throw you a bone. Recognise it, grab on and roll with it.

And with that, I’ve got me some writing to do…

3 Responses to “Bloody Elle! I’m Elle’s New Fitness Editor!”
  1. Katherine says:

    Congratulations Bangs! I found your blog back in summer 2012 when I was training for a triathlon. I’d just started running, was just starting to get the bug and found myself in a whole new world I knew nothing about. I also didn’t fit into the pink, skinny, fake, gym bunny fitness world that seemed to be on show everywhere. So this site was really helpful and inspiring. I’m still a slow runner, but I’ve now just completed my 5th ultra marathon and fitness is now a huge part of my life. It has changed everything (in good ways and a few less good ways!).

    Today I needed reminding that sometimes those long and difficult journeys can actually pay off, so thank you and all the very best to you on your new adventure!

  2. Georgina says:

    HUGE congratulations!! I don’t often read Elle, but I’ll have to pick up a copy to see your influence! Enjoy every minute of it :) x

  3. That’s amazing! Many congratulations to you. Very well deserved.