Big Burn 2014


The popularity of all things fitness continues to explode and Big Burn, a massive fitness event lined up on May 30-31st at Alexandra Palace, is testament to that. The fact that this mass participation event, with 1500 people all sweaty and jumping around is taking place speaks to the changing attitude to fitness. Hurrah for this humungous sweat fest!

The event promises to be part-expo, with all the fitness industry’s leading brands there showcasing their stuff for you to test out and a ton of workouts on offer for you to get that heart rate pumping. There’s a Ministry of Sound fitness night on the Friday (errrrmmmm, YES PLEASE!) and a variety of other workouts you can enjoy throughout the Saturday.

Headlined by Darcey Bussell and Josie Gibson, this looks like it’s a pretty good way to spend a sweaty weekend.

For more info and to buy tickets, head on over to the Big Burn website.

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