Bangs Climbs Kilimanjaro!

Mount Kilimanjaro

So, I had kinda decided that I wasn’t gonna take on any big challenges this year. It seemed like I was always training for races and my life was this endless cycle of training, event, recover, training, event, recover. Hence, I backed off. And lemme tell ya, life has been good. I’ve just been enjoying being fit, doing different workouts and being generally badass. Seriously, good times.

And then something weird happened. I got an email from Sophie Anderton’s PA – yeah, Sophie Anderton, as in probably one of the most successful lingerie model’s the UK’s ever seen and participant in the likes of Celebrity Big Brother et al. Apparently, Sophie’s a big fan of my blog and wanted to meet me. My life sometimes throws me these random curve balls and what can you do but catch ’em and roll with it, eh?

So, I go and meet Sophie Anderton. We sit in a cafe and drink hot chocolates and shoot the breeze and she’s super cool. Then she tells me how she’s previously struggled with drug addiction and how she’s coming up to her five year clean and sober anniversary in September. This is awesome, I say, a true achievement. She tells me that to celebrate this milestone, she’s gonna climb Mount Kilimanjaro and that she’d like me to be part of the team who climb it with her. At this point, I obviously choked on my hot chocolate a little. I said I’d need a little time to think about it, ’cause you know, I was on my whole ‘no big events’ kick. I’d just deferred my London Marathon place ’cause that seemed like a little too much for me right now, for goodness sake, and now I was considering climbing a mountain?

Long story short: yeah, I’m climbing a mountain.

See, sometimes opportunities come your way, sometimes thrown at you by a celebrity, and it’s like the universe is giving you a little nudge to tell you to stop being a douchebag and that you actually quite like training for things and challenging yourself.

Helping Sophie celebrate her five year clean and sober anniversary is an honour. We’ll be raising money for Action on Addiction, a great charity that helps people with addiction through prevention, treatment, rehab and support. I used to be involved with someone who had a serious addiction problem, so this is something pretty close to my heart.

I have no idea what to expect from this challenge yet, but I’m looking forward to preparing for it. If you’ve climbed Mount Kilimanjaro before, any advice would be gratefully received!

So, follow me as I train, prepare, possibly freak out a little, for my Mount Kilimanjaro journey and raise some money for a good cause along the way. Talk about taking my own advice and saying ‘screw it!’ to my comfort zone. Here we go people!

Our donate page for Action on Addiction can be found here.

3 Responses to “Bangs Climbs Kilimanjaro!”
  1. Lucy says:

    AHHHH! Bangs this is amazinggg! You go dream woman.

  2. Georgina says:

    I’m glad you said yes! What an opportunity! Good luck with the climb; it sounds amazing.

  3. Natalie says:

    This is brilliant – glad you took up the challenge – when opportunity knocks gotta swing open that door! I look forward to reading your journey of training etc. Wicked!