ARTIS: Future of the Gym

Technogym ARTIS

With the variety of fitness apps around now, it’s clear technology is playing more and more of a part in our fitness these days. We’ve all seen gym equipment advance over the years, but Technogym‘s new range, ARTIS, is most definitely the future of the workout. This summer, I went to have a play with it and was completely tripped out by how futuristic it all is.

If you’re unfamiliar wtih Technogym, if you’ve ever used a gym in a hotel while you’re away, you’ve most likely used their equipment. They supply just about everybody. Their new ARTIS range allows you to manage your fitness wherever you are. The main componant of this is the ‘My Wellness Key’. The key stores all your fitness information and can be plugged into any of the technogym ARTIS machines, your computer, synched to your phone, iPad etc. What does that mean? OK, so, say you’re in the gym and your trainer has devised a workout for you. That workout is programmed in to your Wellness Key. You get on the treadmill, plug it in and it tells you exactly what you should be doing on it and records your workout in real time. Head on over to the weights machine, plug in the key, the reps and weights prescribed in your workout will come up and keep you on track.

The ARTIS machines are fully social media integrated, so you can check Twitter, do a Facebook update, watch some YouTube vids, all while you workout. The machines are also fitted with a webcam so you can make a video while you’re getting your sweat on – get hold of your trainer to give you a kick up the butt if you feel you’re slacking, or just catch up with a friend while you bang out some miles on the treadmill.

The equipment is all environmentally friendly too. The machines reduce energy consumption by 30% and recycle movement energy to power the screens. Plus the human energy produced during exercise can also be fed back into the building’s energy grid to help power the gym. Pretty sweet huh?

So keep an eye out for the equipment. Currently the Hogarth Health Club and Shoreditch House are fully kitted out with the ARTIS range. Here’s hoping more gyms get to grip with this kind of technology – it definitely adds an interesting element to your workout.

Learn more about ARTIS over here.

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