Adidas Spring/Summer 14


Adidas’ Spring/Summer 2014 collection launched last week and it is pretty sexy, my friends. If you needed any more motivation to train (and you know some new kit always gives you that extra spring in your step), the folks at three stripe just provided it.

The multi-purpose collection carries styles suitable for running and training, combining high performance technology with colour blocking, fabric mixes and bold prints. Can we get a hallelujah and an Amen for the print leggings please? About time!

Adidas Women

I’ll be honest and say I’m not a fan of that cut of shorts. All sports brands seem to do them and they are just so unflattering on the female form. There must be a way to make them a better fit, but I like that Adidas seem to have a bit of a stronger voice in terms of colour selection and prints this season.

Jessica Ennis-Hill, Laura Trott and Jodie Williams model the collection in the ad campaign. High five for athletic bodies. Yes to muscles and double yes to having them on show.

Last night, Adidas held a #mygirls event and invited some of us bloggers down to check out the new women’s training kit and do some hula hooping. My hula hooping technique was not anywhere near as sexy as I was hoping it’d be – practice makes perfect though eh?


What do you think of Adidas’ new collection? Yay or nay?

3 Responses to “Adidas Spring/Summer 14”
  1. Chloe says:

    Damn, that kit looks awesome. I’m having a love hate relationship with kit at the moment- there seems to be plenty of performance running gear at sensible prices available (hello beautiful prints) but cycling gear for women is such a nightmare to get at anything less than £50 a pop it seems. I wear a lot of running kit to cycling in, and it’s alright, but often the rise on waist bands isn’t quite high enough.

    Loving that the campaign is a massive thumbs up for athletic women- this is what hard work and dedication to sport looks like!

  2. Jess says:

    Muscles yay!

    Adidas has never really been on my radar for running gear but I’m loving this. Glad they’re bringing more colour into the mix.

    So glad this campaign is showing off athletic women who actually do sport rather than regular fashion models.

  3. Love the leggings, I’ve been after some bright and colourful ones, these look perfect.