2014 Fitness Goals


So here we are – another year, another opportunity to push our fitness boundaries and see what weird and wonderful things we can achieve. I think most of us active folk are used to kind of planning our year around fitness goals. Personally, I find it helps me in all areas of my life to have a fitness goal to work towards. It’s not as if you have to have your whole year planned out, but having something on the horizon to aim for definitely does help.

So, what am I aiming for this year?

Well, I’m continuing on with weight training as I’m still really enjoying that. I hope to see myself get stronger and sculpt my body a little. I have London Marathon in April and will possibly be doing Berlin Half Marathon a couple of weeks before that. I’ll be honest, my love of running has been dwindling the past few months. I still enjoy it to an extent, but I can definitely say, London will be the last full marathon I run. I’m just not getting the same buzz I used to out of it. I’ll keep running ’cause I like the routine of it, but my focus just won’t be on times and races anymore. I have other things I want to do fitness wise.

So, I think once I get London out of the way, I’m going to get back to my first love, boxing. I will hopefully finally find a boxing gym in London that I like that like where I can do quality training. I’m not sure if I want to actually want to be matched up to fight, but I just love the training, so I’m looking forward to getting back into that.

Where it’ll lead, who knows! But in general, I’m looking forward to continuing to get fitter, stronger and healthier this year.

So, over to you! Tell me your goals for this year. I love hearing what you lot are up to!

10 Responses to “2014 Fitness Goals”
  1. Ahh I love boxing. Well, boxercise, anyway. Not sure I could handle actually getting hit in the face, but I like hitting pads – it’s a great workout. My fitness goals for this year revolve around running mostly – run my first marathon, bag a 5k, 10k and half marathon PB, learn to kayak and swim.

    Also want to make sure I put just as much effort into recovery as I do into training so lots of hot dates with the foam roller, ice packs and hot water bottles for my cranky old knees. Here’s my post about my 2014 goals: http://fit-bits.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/setting-goals-for-2014.html

    Good luck with yours :)

  2. Rebecca says:

    awesome goals Bangs.

    Mine include;
    1. Finish Edinburgh marathon
    2. PB’s in 5k, 10k & HM
    3. Do another triathlon
    4. Continue to lift heavier
    5. Be a badass fitness bitch!

  3. Jenna says:

    As a relatively new cyclist I’m planning to do a bunch of sportifs this year and attempt a climb in France in June. A bit ambitious but it’s a dealing I can work towards. Also I started taking kite boarding lessons last year and I want to get confident and improve with that.

  4. Sam says:

    My major one this year is to do some kind of exercise everyday, it could just be 10 minutes of yoga but the idea is to keep it going as long as possible. So far so good even though Monday’s boxercise class is still killing me!

    More generally I’ve set myself a goal of getting back into running in a big way so I can be that girl who gets up on a Sunday and cranks out a 10 miler again. To date I’ve completed a parkrun non stop but at my slowest time ever, bit disheartening but I’m going back this week to try again :)

    Finally try not to be so hard on myself, on fitness and in general. That ones gonna be hard to keep!

  5. Steph says:

    I have a couple of ideas for fitness, although a major one would be to run again I am not jinxing it by even writing it down, instead I went with:

    I want to enter a sportive
    I would like to learn to swim properly
    I would like to do another horse riding holiday, I have my eye on a Cumbrian Heavy Horses Central Lakes ride.
    I would like to try bouldering – I used to rock climb to help with my vertigo but I have been inspired again after the guest post on your blog :)
    I would like to gallop a horse on a beach again

    I have to say after reading your post and these comments I am thinking I would like to try boxing and kite boarding too.

  6. I’d like to be able to keep running and increase the times I go running. Right now I can barely manage twice a week before my back tells me to slow down. Regarding my back I’d like to find a definite solution, because up until now, it’s been 4 years of doctors and other experts and no one really knows what’s going on.

    I would also like to finish my yoga teacher course, fitter and wiser in this respect. I also want to deepen my studies and understanding of pilates and hopefully by the end of summer move to the UK and open a little studio.

    Overall I want to get fitter and stronger. I want to get back to the times where my body was toned and my back didn’t paralyse me. That’s my plan for 2014.

    Kudos for your plans of running the London Marathon. Megajealous and extremely happy you get to experience it. Can’t wait to read your account of it and how you got on :)

  7. Sarah says:

    My goals are to become less materialistic and more appreciative of people and experiences; and also to do the Manchester 10K. This only takes me to May so a half-year review will be in order..

    All the best for your goals!

  8. Em says:

    Boxing too!
    And, well there is KO boxing in Bethnal Green.
    Bit expensive (but they are all) but really good muay thai training and pretty welcoming.
    Good timetable too!

  9. Christine says:

    I feel you on the running front. I stopped, yet again, two months ago because my recurring glandular fever is often brought about by my pushing myself too hard running. I was starting to find it a bit tedious too, despite it having been something that kept me afloat fitness and mood wise for more than ten years. I am focusing on building strength and bouldering technique instead – the problems change all the time, so I feel the repetition is of a different sort. The quantative goal for this year is to be able do 15 consecutive pullups. I’m on 5. On a good day.

    Having said that, I started to feel my thighs rub the other week (all the holiday indulgences…) and it scared me into running today. I never had one of those thigh gaps and don’t want one, but I don’t want to ruin my expensive jeans or endure inner thigh chafing in the summer…ugh. For me the onset of slightly uncomfortable type of thigh rub is always a sign I need to focus on cardio a little more. So, I pulled out my shoes and went for a creaky 5km. Then the cardio fairy paid me a visit. I found 20 quid in my running tights! Odd, considering I don’t live in the UK, haha.

  10. I will put my hands up and say I’m a fitness noobie, so my 2014 ‘Wannado List’ is still pretty moderate:

    * Complete the C25K (Couch to 5k running programme)
    * Learn to Hula Hoop
    * RUN a 5k Race for Life (walked on last year)
    * Complete the London-Brighton Off-Road Bike Ride
    * Fit into a Size 12 dress and jeans (obviously not at the same time!)


    Not fitness-related, but I also want to get back into blogging after a 6-7 year hiatus – you have been very inspirational! :)